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Bronwen McCann, BA,MA (Cand)

Psychotherapy Intern


Informed by her training as a Waldorf educator, Bronwen understands the importance of adult-child relationships outside of the family unit for promoting social development, offering diverse role models, and creating a supportive network that nurtures a child's holistic growth.


As a therapist-in-training, Bronwen is passionate about supporting individuals across the lifespan with things like social anxiety; attachment issues; childhood wounds; relationship challenges; significant life transitions; emotion regulation; and larger existential concerns, self-esteem, and identity questions.


Bronwen works through the lens that positive relational experiences with a therapist, exploration through the expressive arts, and mindfulness-based interventions when combined promote a holistic therapeutic experience.

Services Available with Bronwen:

  • play informed child psychotherapy

  • adolescent psychotherapy

  • parents support

  • adult psychotherapy 


Bronwen's Area of Expertise:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • ADHD

  • school-related challenges

  • Highly Sensitive (HSP) children/adults

  • siblings of youth with an illness/disability

  • difficult life transitions

  • relationship challenges

  • communication

  • self-esteem

  • identity


  • grief/loss

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