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Social Skills Group

6-Week Social Skills Group for 10-12-Year-Olds

In a fun and supportive environment, participants will learn essential communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills to thrive in social settings. Led by experienced facilitators, each session is designed to foster confidence, empathy, and resilience in a safe and inclusive space. Give your child the tools they need to navigate friendships, build meaningful connections, and flourish socially.

Date: Fall 2024 Dates COMING SOON!

Time: To Be Announced SOON!

Investment: $175.00+HST = $197.75

Space is limited.


Integrating Play-Based Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation in Child Therapy

This training is both enjoyable and informative, offering clinicians practical tools that can be applied in therapy sessions to enhance their effectiveness. It's engaging and insightful, making it a valuable resource for therapists. 

Date: Fall 2024 Dates COMING SOON!

Time: 3 Hours

Investment: $125.00+HST = $141.25CA

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