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Chelsea Gellineau, MSEd

Psychotherapist In Training


Chelsea's life journey began in Barbados before moving to Canada during her formative years.  Chelsea holds a degree in psychology and a Master's degree in Special Education, which has been the foundation of her fulfilling career.  Over the years, Chelsea has dedicated herself to working with children with special needs, with a particular focus on autism spectrum disorder.

Throughout her professional journey, Chelsea's role has included enriching the lives of the young minds she serves and establishing profound connections with their families.  While working within a school setting, her work went beyond the classroom to collaborate with parents and siblings.  Chelsea's belief in a nurturing, inclusive and compassionate connection supports her practice.  Guided by her core values of empathy, patience, and insight, she consistently positively influences the lives she touches.

Online Services Available with Chelsea:

  • play informed child psychotherapy

  • adolescent psychotherapy

  • parents support


Chelsea's Areas of Expertise:

  • autism spectrum disorder

  • neurodivergent children and teens

  • teens struggling with anxiety and mood disorders

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